Yamil Urbina

I am an Operations Engineer who loves to play with new technologies ‒ especially cool tools to automate tasks and infrastructure to put stuff running online.

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Infrastructure Management

Advanced user of cloud provider tools on Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud, also skilled in configuration, orchestration and use of automation tools like Docker, Kubernetes, Rancher, Puppet, Ansible, Consul, Nomad, Vault, Vagrant, Mesosphere. Experienced in several Linux distros as Ubuntu, CentOS, CoreOS (now Container Linux), RancherOS and Amazon AMI. Monitoring skills with tools like fluentd, statsd, Kibana, Elasticsearch, Prometheus, Papertrail, SumoLogic, OverOps, PagerDuty, StatusPage, New Relic and DataDog.

Continuous Integration and Deployment

Very skilled on CI/CD tools like Jenkins, Drone, Bamboo, Capistrano, Docker Hub, Artifactory, Travis-CI, CircleCI and Codecov. Automated testing with Capybara, JUnit, PHPUnit, RSpec. Very experienced on build tools as Gradle, Maven, Grunt, Gulp, Bower and Yeoman. Bash scripting experience for tasks like backups and one-line installations scripts.

Web Designer and Developer

I am also skilled on HTML, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, AngularJS, jQuery, ExtJS, Ruby, PHP, Go, Python, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, Compass, Sass, Haml. Frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Django.



Operations Engineer, Cochabamba - Bolivia & San José - Costa Rica [Mar 2018 - Sep 2018]

Avantica is a nearshore provider of software engineering services. I was assigned to collaborate on implementing tools and automation for customers in San Francisco and Los Angeles. I used Terraform, Ansible and Docker to migrate and orchestrate web applications using AWS ECS, Kubernetes and Docker Swarm. Other responsibilities included managing Jenkins and Drone for Continuous Integration and Deployment, Sonarqube for code quality and many services by AWS like ECR, ECS, Elastic Load Balancer, VPC and RDS for database management.

Mojix, Inc

CloudOps Engineer, La Paz - Bolivia [Sep 2014 - Feb 2018]

Mojix is a pioneer in the RFID and sensor networks space. As a Senior CloudOps Engineer, I am responsible to design, implement and monitor the cloud infrastructure where the Mojix web applications perform. Further responsibilities include maintaining our continuous integration workflow and server, automate tasks and provide infrastructure tools for the QA and Dev teams.

DocSystem Corporation (now Interfy)

Lead PHP Developer, São Paulo - Brazil [Aug 2013 - Aug 2014]

DocSystem is the largest provider of document management software in Brazil. As Lead PHP Developer, my responsibilities included managing a team of four people to deliver custom PHP integrations with external applications for document management purposes. Other responsibilities included the coordination of software releases, customer support and representing the Brazil branch as coordinator during meetings with the German DocSystem office.

ProcessMaker, Inc

Support Engineer, La Paz - Bolivia [Jun 2011 - July 2013]

ProcessMaker is a Business Process Management tool oriented to automate tasks in large organizations. As support engineer, my responsibilities included customer support, application installations, managing application upgrades, bug reporting and custom integration development.

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